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Ep.6 – Pop-Up Employment Forum - 4/8/2020

In Response to Covid-19: PA & National APSE; SSI / SSDI; Stimulus Payments

a year ago

Episode 6: Pop-up Employment Forum – 4-8-2020

In Response to Covid-19: PA & National APSE; SSI / SSDI; Stimulus Payments

Recording Date:

April 8, 2020


Download available here: https://bit.ly/2VxJZ78

Keywords: employment forum, APSE, supported employment, Covid-19 employment support resources, employment support during Covid-19

Episode summary: This Q & A session was provided for Philadelphia Area Supported Employment providers in response to the Covid-19 health crisis. The purpose of this forum is to provide support and guidance to employment providers as they struggle to continue to meet the needs of jobseekers and workers with disabilities during this time. In this episode, Julia Barol provides updates on what National and PA APSE are doing in response to Covid-19. Richard Gaudiosi from Social Security Administration also joins to discuss information regarding the economic stimulus payment and its effects on SSI and SSDI. We hope you find these resources helpful. The forum will be scheduled weekly throughout the business restrictions related to the Coronavirus. If you wish to join these calls, Click the link below to Join Our Mailing List and be notified of upcoming sessions.

Topical Index:

  • Introduction [00:17]
  • Taking a breath [01:55]
  • Upcoming webinars / learning opportunities [03:01]
  • PA APSE Response to Covid-19 [05:17]
  • Keeping Supported Employment organizations afloat during Covid-19 [08:08]
  • Providing OVR funded supports during Covid-19 [10:14]
  • Q & A [15:35]
  • National APSE response to Covid-19 [17:40]
  • Q & A [25:46]
  • Rich Gaudiosi - SSI / SSDI [32:34]
  • Impact of Stimulus Payments and Your Benefits [34:14]
  • Warning about Scammers [36:22]
  • Q & A [37:17]
  • Closing [41:51]

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