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Ep.14 – Benefits Planning Series Part 2

Impact of Work on Social Security Income (SSI)

8 months ago

Understanding You Benefits Series Part 2

The Impact of Work on Social Security Income (SSI)

Recording Date

September 9, 2020


Download transcript here https://bit.ly/315OSYT


Join Suzanne Erb and Martine DeLorenzo (Disability Rights PA) for an overview of what to expect when you receive SSI benefits and enter the workforce.

Topical Index

  • Introduction [00:00]
  • What Is SSI / What Should I Do if I Start to Work [01:16]
  • How Much Can I Earn and Still Receive SSI? [03:34]
  • What Happens to My Medical Benefits? [05:13]
  • What Should I Do to Prevent Problems with My SSI Benefits? [05:58]
  • How Do I Report My Earnings? [06:33]
  • There's An App For That [08:05]
  • Report Monthly / Inform SSI if You Stop Working [08:15]
  • Closing [10:20] Subscribe to Our Podcast

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