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Ep.16 – Ep. 16_Benefits Planning Series Part 4:

IRWEs - Impairment Related Work Expenses

6 months ago

_Ep-16__Benefits Planning Series Part 2:

IRWES – Impairment Related Work Expenses

Recording Date: September 17, 2020

Transcript: Transcript available for download here: https://bit.ly/2JXGzcn

Keywords: Disability Rights PA, WIPA, SSI, SSSDI, benefits planning, work incentives, ticket to work, Medicaid, IRWE

Episode summary: 

Representatives from Disability Rights PA and WIPA share information about benefits planning counselling and IRWEs – Impairment Related Work Expenses, helping people with disabilities enter the world of work. 

Topical Index:

  • Introductions [00:12]
  • What Is IRWE? [00:53]
  • Why are they important? [01:34]
  • What counts as an IRWE? [02:09]
  • Keeping Track of my IRWEs [05:09]
  • Reporting my IRWEs [05:47]
  • Closing [07:11]

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