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Ep.5 – Personal Journeys - Interview with Ruth Landsman

A Parent's Perspective on Supported Employment

a year ago

Episode 9: Personal Journeys – Interview with Ruth Landsman

_Parent’s Perspective on Supported Employment _

Recording Date:

March 12, 2019


Download available here: https://bit.ly/2Rqj5gy

Keywords: parent’s perspective, transition, supported employment, advocacy, First job, employment and disability, social capital, Employment and Benefits, SSI and SSDI

Episode summary: In this episode, Ruth Landsman shares the journey her family took in preparing her son Mitchell to enter into adult life and the world of work. Ruth discusses concerns about benefits, elements of risk, and the positive impact employment can have on people

_Topical Index: _

  • Introduction [0:00]
  • Introducing Mitchell’s background [00:41]
  • Mitchell’s jobs [01:06]
  • Managing Money [01:59]
  • Element of Risk [03:30]
  • Impact of Employment on Benefits [03:55]
  • Helping Teens Be Financially Responsible [05:15]
  • Importance of Discovery [06:40]
  • Closing [07:40]

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